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Are you thinking of transforming your business? Have you recently purchased Salesforce Sales or Salesforce Service Cloud? Do you know the Lightning features that power the new CRM? Salesforce accelerates your workforce productivity and enhances customer collaboration and, ultimately, their satisfaction. Organizations need to experience it to realize how much the software handles and how much time frees you up to take on and convert more opportunities!

Maxsol is a Salesforce Implementation Company with a team of experienced consultants and implementation leads which will take you through the Salesforce journey step by step. Our mantra is to eliminate the complexities, remove bottlenecks, provide a cost-effective service and quickly minimize risks in implementing your CRM solution. Our team of Salesforce Implementation Consultants will ensure streamlined business processes, identify Salesforce features, and more, which leads to positive ROI growth.

Our AI Key Offerings

Salesforce Health Cloud

Salesforce Health Cloud incorporates doctor-patient relationship and record management services. From enrollment to scheduling appointments and later stages, the Salesforce health cloud enables a seamless experience across the entire patient journey.

Salesforce Field Service

Salesforce Field Service helps your organization to create and manage work orders seamlessly along with scheduling service-appointments. Maxsol helps you augment the efficiency of your field force management with Salesforce field service lightning.

Salesforce Service Cloud

Salesforce Service cloud is the world's number one customer service solution that makes every customer service experience effortless. Whether you want to deploy Salesforce service cloud solutions into your business or seek a custom solution consisting of all the service cloud functionalities, we make it possible.

Salesforce Sales Cloud

Salesforce Sales cloud provides you with all the essential tools you need to find customers, grow accounts, and manage your end-to-end sales process. Maxsol helps you with an optimal configuration and deployment of the Salesforce sales cloud to help your sales reps sell smarter and faster.

Salesforce Experience Cloud (Communities)

Salesforce community cloud is a social platform designed to facilitate communication and connection among an organization's employees, partners, and customers. Maxsol offers expertise for developing partner and customer communities through the Salesforce community cloud.

Salesforce Higher Education (HEDA)

The Salesforce higher education cloud is a CRM-based education technology to drive institution and learner success from anywhere in the world. We at Maxsol help you deploy Salesforce higher education to accelerate digital transformation for your higher education business.

Maxsol Salesforce Implementation services offer a host of benefits, including:

  • Discovery and Project Envisioning : Maxsol certified onshore/offshore Salesforce Implementation Consultants will collaborate with you through the Discovery Stage of the Implementation then evaluate and assess your existing business processes, practices, and technology systems. We understand that every business is different.
  • Sales & Service Cloud Setup : Choose Maxsol as a Salesforce Implementation Partner, and we will accurately set up, configure, and customize Salesforce Sales and Service Cloud to meet and support your business needs. Our experienced Salesforce Consultants will implement business process automation through custom-designed email templates, custom workflows, security access setup, and approval processes.
  • Salesforce Implementation Company : Maxsol Salesforce Implementation Service is Agile, which allows incorporating a set of simple custom enhancements. These enhancements could dramatically convert a standard implementation to something that can revolutionize how your organization works with considerable benefits to your users and, ultimately, your bottom line.
  • Legacy Data Migration to Salesforce : Choose Maxsol as a Salesforce Implementation Partner, and they will ensure your legacy data is migrated to your Salesforce Solution. We understand the need and sense of urgency about your data, be it legacy or current. Based on this, we design specific solutions for cost-effective, enterprise-grade migration within optimal time limits to reduce business impact.
  • Salesforce Support, Training & Documentation : As a Salesforce Implementation Company, Maxsol takes pride in its people. Our consultants are certified, trained, knowledgable, and well-equipped to provide critical ongoing maintenance and continuous improvement support services. Our knowledge of the Salesforce Platform sets us up to assist with your training and documentation-related needs.

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