Offshore Development Center

Whether you want to establish your own team in India without the hassle of setting up an overseas branch office or cut your employee costs by shifting your projects to a low-cost offshore development center in India, we can help you. At Maxsol, we take away all the hassle involved while setting up your own offshore development center in India by managing it on your behalf. Taken from all the incorporation of subsidiary firm to hiring activities, including training, non-disclosure agreements to taking care of all the HR activities such as payroll, benefits management, and more, we take care of many things for you within the agreed timeframe.

We invest our time understanding your current requirement and future plan to provide customized solutions at every step. With years of experience and practice in offshore office management, we have helped many clients to start their operations in India in less than 30 days.

We screen through a pool of top talents in India to build a dedicated and high-performance team for your company. And with access to various commercial spaces, we can build high-end office setups for you with world-class office infrastructure and amenities. Whether you are looking for the best IT infrastructure, seamless communication infrastructure, or anything concerning your offshore business set up in India, Maxsol got you covered.

Hire Dedicated Resources


Our offshore management services are for you to take small steps before jumping into a complete swing development phase. If you want to hire dedicated resources in India to work for you and only you, we will get that for you.

Hire A Team


If you want to start transforming your idea into a business with a team, we have the right solution for you. TekSmart brings in an entire group of experts, starting from strategy planners, system architects, designers, coders, to testers to dedicatedly work for you all the time to make your dream come true.

Have Your Own Setup


If you want to have your own office set up in India to expand your business or to shift your projects to low-cost infrastructure, we got you covered. Our service experts take all the hassle to set up your office. And if you think that you need to worry about how to manage your office, let us take care of that too.

Maxsol Domain Expertise

Maxsol offers excellent offshore development centers providing cost-effective solutions to help organizations delegate hiring and managing resources. The customer can get the infrastructure and security designed to meet specific standards and specifications. Many clients have dedicated teams at Maxsol's offshore centers and benefit from quality work, quick turnaround times, and cost advantages. A good Offshore development center not only provides a cost-effective solution, but also helps organizations to delegate the tasks of hiring and managing resources.

  • Pick and choose skills and resources from a wide array of developers, testers, support, etc. in line with your requirements
  • Saves cost incurred on recruitment
  • Eliminates huge capital investments
  • Offshore development brings cost savings
  • Work faster by leveraging the time zone differences between your country and the provider’s country
  • Provides the flexibility to scale up or down in line with your business performance in a short notice period

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