Managed Services

Many companies find it challenging to administer and manage every component of their business. Especially when they are dealing with a technology environment. Companies must focus on their core business competencies and leave the rest to experienced hands to simplify the process. Our managed services are tailored to offer unique solutions with a perfect blend of industry-leading practices, technical expertise, and support.

Our team of expert professionals will take out your stress of managing software applications. We at Maxsol, provide complete software management services from solution initiation to managing the solution after delivery of the product. Our Manages Services team gives our customers peace of mind allowing them to focus on growth and their business goals. Our managed services include:

Managed Applications


We can manage your critical applications, whether single, multiple or bespoke integrations.

Managed infrastructure


We will make sure that your networking, connectivity and hosting environments are optimized to support your applications and data, with security and compliance built in.

Managed IT


You can focus on your business, rather than the IT infrastructure it runs on. We can support and manage some or all of your applications and infrastructure. If you allow us, we can even take on management of your entire IT operations.

Integrated Management


You can take a single managed service or combine them into a comprehensive service-oriented solution. It's quick and easy to add and remove components to adapt your solution as business requirements change.

Maxsol Domain Expertise

  • Production Support: Many organizations move on quickly from one project to other project. We offer our expertise in maintaining the existing application while you can focus on your new project.
  • Continuous Development: Any organization will have requirements to enhance their existing application on a constant basis. Our experts will quickly delve into your existing application and will help your continuous development in a seamless way.
  •  Release Management: Any software has frequent releases to fix known issues or some new features. This may tend to break your existing application. Our experts will evaluate the new features/fixes of your existing software and will work diligently to avoid any unwanted bugs/issues introduced into your application.

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